ZSF-R9751A RFID inventorying car is a RFID reading and writing equipment designed to meet the large-area inventory operation such as storage. The number and height of the RF antenna equipped on the inventorying car can be adjusted according to the needs. The car is also equipped with a large capacity battery and has a long endurance. Optional equipped with Bluetooth RFID hand-held scanning camera for inventory. It can be used in library, warehouse and other environments for high-density, long-distance, high-intensity and quick inventory.

Label / transport protocol

Label protocol : EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C); DRM supported; advanced anti-collision and anti-interference performance

RF module

Antenna connection: 4 TNC reverse interfaces (different antennas or handheld antennas can be selected)

RF output: 5dBm – 30dBm,+/-1.0dBm adjustable

RF power of four antennas can be adjusted respectively

Frequency specification: FCC(USA)902-928MHz


SRRC-MII(China)840-845MHz、920MHz -925MHz

Transmission control interface

Communication interface: dual 10 / 100 Base-T Ethernet interface, RS-232, USB 2.0

Supported indication: power, network, active status


AC power: 220V AC charging

Built in battery: continuous operating for more than 6 hours

hardware structure

Host: industrial computer

Wireless network adapter: 100M adaptive wireless adapter

Display: touch-screen, 14 inch LCD, maximum resolution of 1024 * 768, 32-bit real color


Reading speed: ≥200 labels / s

Max reading distance: ≥ 10 m

Module security protection: automatic temperature detection, temperature protection, power consumption protection

Environmental specifications

Operating temperature :-20℃ – +60℃

Storing Temperature: -40℃ – +80℃


overall dimension: 60cm * 40cm * 170cm (L*W*H)